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Potential Assessment

We give expression to talents, generating business


We measure performance to ensure better management of the company’s human resources. We help employees recognise their potential and help companies tap into it to make full use of their abilities. We set out the targets, end goals and time frames of the project together with the client. Then, we verify staff expertise while taking into account the company’s activities and needs, to reveal who is able to address various and more complex responsibilities.


We discover the employee’s personality, also considering his/her current and future motivations and ambitions through individual interviews with tests and questionnaires. We draw up a detailed psychological profile that we present to the company contact person and share afterwards with the employee. It is very important for the employee to be aware of his/her qualities and, at the same time, for us to indicate their most reliable attributes to the company.


We identify the psycho-aptitude and personality traits of employees in order to plan organisational changes in line with the company’s needs and with individual potential.


Improved organisational structure thanks to the optimisation of human capital.

Career plans are developed together with new professional growth paths.

Potential training needs are identified, both for individuals and groups.

The application is identified internally considering the required organisational role.

The company receives a unique and specific psychological report.

Personal talent is highlighted by raising the roles’ quality standards.