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Career counseling

A shared path where every person becomes the protagonist of his/her own future


We offer a highly-qualified tailored service, intended for all levels of professional seniority. We create a relationship that fosters self-awareness and the discovery of specific aptitudes and interests. We strengthen self-confidence and motivation towards change, to make the company’s external image more secure and successful. We facilitate individuals in their search for jobs that coincide with their individual objectives and personality.


We develop career plans through job interviews, questionnaires and psychological tests. We draw up a Career Counselling Report that highlights the strengths in which to invest, the weaknesses in which to intervene, as well as the areas and sectors of work that have potential for professional growth. We put forward the most effective research strategy, identifying the target companies and providing the most suitable tools to reposition oneself in the world of work.


Service for the professional retraining of employees leaving the company, to facilitate career transitions that are able to meet the individuals’ expectations and needs.


We facilitate quick reintegration into a new company environment.

We facilitate quick reintegration into a new company environment.

We provide the chance to aspire to more stimulatingcareer opportunities by gaining new self-awareness of personal resources.

We protect the company image by neutralising emotional reactions and reducing  the risk of internal conflicts.

  We streamline the company’s organisational chart by redistributing roles and responsibilities.

We streamline the company’s organisational chart by redistributing roles and responsibilities.