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Business Environment Analysis

We involve the employee in developing the company’s success


We help to create a shared organisational culture, focusing on the employee and increasing his/her motivation and sense of belonging. Through a specific psychological questionnaire, filled out anonymously, as well as structured or unstructured interviews with individuals or groups, we examine the major factors in depth: Communication, Independence, Team, Job Description, Job Involvement, Identity, Reward, Leadership and Dynamism.


We present the relevant information to the company and the employees. We highlight the aspects of excellence that should be maintained and reinforced, and work on the critical areas. If necessary, we plan training activities aimed at reinforcing the level of satisfaction and gratification perceived by employees when sharing objectives and internal values, while focusing on the elements observed.  We monitor the results achieved over time.

Communication Availability and clarity when distributing information.

Independence Degree of freedom and responsibility when managing one’s activities.

Team Group cohesion, support and willingness to help one another.

Job Description Clarity of roles, assignments, rules and procedures within tasks.


We examine the organisational aspects that can improve the quality of private and professional life.

Job Involvement Emotional self-realisation in the work being carried out.

Identity Sense of belonging and adherence to company values.

Reward Impartiality when recognising individual merits.

Leadership Suitability of the manager for the role.

Dynamism Ability to be agile, proactive and quick to adap.