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We develop a manager’s Personal Branding by consolidating their personal identity and professional image


We outline the professional path that best meets the needs of middle managers and executives and that enables them to improve their performance. We work on the ability of managers to recognise and adjust their emotions and those of others in order to facilitate thinking, create opportunities or resolve conflicts. We reinforce self-awareness in order to trigger off a virtuous process for improving one’s personal and professional effectiveness. We define aims and time horizons for the project with flexible, modular, and personalised programmes.


Counselling is provided only by labour psychologists experienced in conducting structured and unstructured interviews, and in using specific aptitude tests for those holding degrees in psychology and for professional registered psychologists. We establish a relationship based on trust and imprinted by self-improvement. We make our professional network available and we identify employment areas and sectors of interest in line with the current market scenarios. The psychological and motivation Career Counselling Report makes engagement between managers and companies easier.


Acquire the right awareness of the skill sets, professional experience gained and personality traits while increasing the perception of self-determination and motivation to achieve employment success.


Strategically plan career development placing value on talent in order to succeed in getting to the heart of the professional goals.

Become the only one responsible for the choices to be made, and not a passive and demotivated spectator.

Make non-verbal, paraverbal and assertive communication and management of a job interview more effective and persuasive.

Increase and differentiate leadership by basing oneself on a different personal and team knowledge.

Use the Career Counselling Report as a reference to attach to the CV to make the search for new employment opportunities easier.

Be supported by psychologists specialised in employment and organisations, and not by coaches having revisable training.