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Staff Recruitment
and Selection

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Staff Recruitment and Selection

We ensure that every person brings added value and economic advantage to the company


We seek out professionals (employees, managers, directors), irrespective of the sector and size of the company. Once we have identified the skills and abilities required by the client and considered the personal characteristics to be assessed during the interview stage, we provide the most qualified profiles available on the market. Understanding the culture and values of our clients is key to offering a high-quality service.


We assess the personal attributes, motivations and ambitions of the applicants to enable the company to hire the best individuals. Our selection is performed by occupational psychologists with recognised skills in conducting both structured and unstructured psychological interviews, as well as specific expertise in the most reliable and trustworthy methodological tools available on the market. The types of tests vary depending on the role and the level of responsibility required.



First we understand the organisational context and analyse the role, then we seek out and select the professional.


We use personality and performance tests that can only be used by psychologists listed in the professional register.

We only pass on relevant profiles, along with a psychological report.

Emotional intelligence and non-verbal communication as predictive variables.

Knowledge of the cognitive processes that may compromise the selection quality.

Fast time frames and cost optimisation for the company, with the selection of the most suitable profile.

Direct search among the competitors.