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Management Consulting and Training

We recognize the elements that enable the company’s growth leading to a competitive advantage


We support management with consultancy to address strategic and organisational aspects, setting company goals and identifying comparative advantages. We introduce new management skills and solid methods to create maximum performance efficiency for the company. We analyze the context, mapping the competences, giving value to the employees adopting the Procurement Intelligence approach, that allows to gather, order and study the data quickly.



We promote the growth and development of both individuals and groups, with tailored action to cover new market needs. Our individual or group classroom training is always designed to include real-life situations and is repeated over time to verify its direct efficiency in the workplace. Group work, simulations and role-playing are other methods that are used and selected based on the planned project.


We support companies in attaining practical, actionable and profitable results by transforming objectives and strategies into action programmes and work methods that are shared and achievable.


Involve management in planning the strategy so that the final project is perceived as a natural solution for the agreed-upon objectives.

  Create business value with Procurement Intelligence activities, leading to significant cost savings.

  Build an effective organisation system by reviewing flows, procedures, and processes, and by directly interacting with the internal and external stakeholders.

  Identify the presence in the company of the skills that are necessary by adopting a proper technical and aptitude evaluation of roles and responsibilities.

  Balance the relationship between company functions by promoting the Creating Empowerment in Organisations model that encourages personal and group development.

Monitor the actions and measure the results by evaluating the benefits linked to changes over time.